A Message from Laura Werlin

Building the American Cheese Brand: Why You Should Participate in ACS’s 2016 Cheese Industry Survey

It might seem unimportant that we should effort to compile information about the American cheese landscape for the sake of the media. But in fact, when a publication like The Wall Street Journal comes calling, or magazines, or innumerable online publications, which they do weekly, ACS needs to have hard and fast numbers to provide for them. Why? It’s all about the American cheese brand, and ultimately it’s about you.

For example, quite often these publications are writing trend stories. Yet, when we can’t tell them how many cheesemakers there are in the country, or how the number of sheep’s milk cheesemakers has grown, or whether there are any farmstead buffalo milk producers — you name it — then we are missing an opportunity to build that brand.

What does “brand” mean? Ultimately, it means that readers of those publications will start to notice that American cheese is a real movement — not a novelty, and certainly not a symbol of mediocre cheese. Eventually, that translates into sales for you.

For these reasons and many more — the primary one being that it is you, the cheesemaker, who is helped the most by taking ACS’s cheese industry survey (it will become a de facto resource for you) — I encourage you to make a cup of tea or grab a beer, sit down, and allocate the 20 minutes it will take for you to complete it. The next time a national news publication comes to ACS and asks, “So, what’s happening with American cheese these days?”, we’d like to be able to tell them. And you will ultimately be the beneficiary.

Laura Werlin
President, ACE Foundation

The 2016 ACS cheese industry survey is underwritten by the nonprofit American Cheese Education (ACE) Foundation. Would you like to make a tax-deductible donation in support of the ACE Foundation? Donate here.

Published 8/30/2016