Trish Dawson, Chris Hansen

Trish Dawson started her career in Cheese and Dairy Technology in Australia where she graduated from the University of New South Wales with a BS degree in Microbiology. Trish also has a Masters of Applied Science (MAppSci) in Food Microbiology from the UNSW with a focus on Microbial Fermentation and Food Safety. Trish has worked on research of marine biofilms, and yeast and bacterial fermentations. She has specifically worked with dairy starter cultures and their applications for more than 17 years in both Australia and North America. Trish has been responsible for Quality Assurance in culture production at DSM Food Specialties and yogurt production at Stonyfield Farm. She has provided scientific, technical and application support to the dairy industry in Australia and North America. In 2012, Trish joined Chr. Hansen, Inc., a global biotechnology company providing cultures, enzymes and natural colors to the food and nutrition industry. She is a Senior Scientist, specializing in cultures and enzymes for cheese applications in North America. Trish is a member of IFT and ADSA, and a member of the ADSA DF Division Milk Protein and Enzyme Committee. Trish is a regular guest speaker on starter cultures and enzymes in the dairy industry in teaching institutions and diary production facilities. Trish and her Aussie husband, Graham reside in Waukesha, WI. They have two children, Kevin and Corinne.


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