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American Cheese Education Foundation

The American Cheese Education Foundation was created to educate people about the art and science of artisanal and specialty cheese.

Board of Directors

Mike Gingrich

Uplands Cheese Co Dodgeville,WI


Allison Hooper

Vermont Butter & Cheese Co Websterville,VT


Laurie S.Z. Greenberg

Cultural Landscapes Madison,WI


Robert McSweeny

Nonprofit Consultant Beaverton,OR


The American Cheese Society’s sister organization, the American Cheese Education Foundation (ACEF), supports existing and new educational efforts to further educational opportunities for all those interested in producing, marketing, selling, and appreciating North America’s artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses.


A Tax-Deductible Charitable Organization.

The ACEF can receive charitable contributions and tax deductible gifts. This means that anyone—an individual or a business—can make tax deductible donations in support of existing and new educational efforts to enrich the services offered to members of the American Cheese Society and to enhance public education about artisan and specialty cheeses.

Eligible for New Funding Opportunities.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, ACEF is eligible for foundation and federal grants for which the American Cheese Society cannot apply. Access to a greater pool of resources will allow the American Cheese Society to continue to deliver innovative and timely educational opportunities.