Susan Sturman

sueBio: Sue Sturman has over 25 years of experience in cheese education and the hospitality business. At the American Cheese Society, as Certification Committee Chair, she led the creation of the American Cheese Society’s Certified Cheese Professional™ Exam program. This included launching the Body of Knowledge, establishing the Bibliography, and creating the Educational Database. During the project she recruited and coordinated the efforts of over a dozen teams comprising over 100 volunteers. Sue has been a frequent presenter at ACS conferences.

In 2005, Sue served the New York State Farmstead & Artisan Cheesemaker’s Guild as Director of Marketing and Development. Sue started teaching about cheese in 1993, as Assistant Director of the famed Ecole Ritz-Escoffier cooking school at the Paris Ritz Hotel. She continued in New York as a regular instructor at Murray’s Cheese, Agata & Valentina and Sur La Table, and for private and corporate clients.

Sue was invited to join the Maison Mons in 2012, partnering with Laurent Mons in the Academie Opus Caseus, where she is responsible for English language programs worldwide. In this position she translated and adapted the French curriculum for an English-speaking clientele, and she has created the programs that are currently running in the US and UK, and are projected for Australia in 2016.  She manages all the marketing and outreach for the Academie’s English language programs. She teaches the curriculum independently and in partnership with Laurent Mons.

In 2011, Sue was inducted as Garde et Juré into the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers. In 2015, she was awarded ACS CCP™ status. Sue has served as a cheese judge at the French national Concours Générale Agricole at the Salon du Fromage in Paris and at the American Cheese Society’s Judging & Competition. She is involved with the development of the International Confederation of Cheesemongers.

Prior to her career in cheese, Sue was a caterer in Boston and Paris, and taught cooking to private clients in New York. She graduated from Boston University with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Organizational Communications, and worked in those capacities for major corporations including Mobil Oil and The Bank of New York. Sue has two teenaged children and has been married to her husband David for 32 years.

Statement of Intent: As a long standing member of the American Cheese Society, and someone who has been deeply involved with its programs over the past 11 years, I see the two most important goals of the organization and its members as

  • Continuing to enhance the standing of ACS at home and overseas, and
  • Providing an increasing array of educational and professional resources to our members.

As ACS has matured, we have garnered the respect of FDA and other governing bodies. Part of this has been due to our efforts at self-governance (eg, making available recall protocols, beginning to create a Body of Knowledge, and the ACS CCP program), and part of this is due to our active outreach to regulators and our colleagues in the specialty food field. We can continue this good work by expanding and deepening the resources available to our members and to regulators, and by working with our colleagues around the world to establish norms and share research and best practices.

In the past ten years, the cheeses made by our members have begun to earn well deserved respect beyond our continental borders. In addition, the rising interest here in mongering and cheese retailing is being noticed by our colleagues in places like Australia and even Europe, and what we are doing is inspiring them. With my professional connections in Europe and Australia, I can help to build even stronger international connections and exchanges of expertise between ACS members and the global community.

ACS has always strived to be a resource to its members. I am deeply proud of the work we accomplished together in creating the ACS Certified Cheese Professional Exam program, and I would like to explore the possibility of expanding the program internationally. I would support current efforts underway to offer more educational webinars, deepen the Body of Knowledge and make it a more user-friendly document, and prepare Best Practices guides for both mongers and makers. I would also seek creative ways to partner with the local Guilds to serve smaller and newer cheesemakers who may not have the ability to leave their farms or creameries to attend the annual ACS Conference. I would love to see ACS establish a free Mentorship program for cheesemakers and mongers as another way of sharing our combined strength, knowledge, and wisdom.

I would be honored to serve our community as a Board Member of ACS.