Randall Felts

2014 Official Conference Cheesemonger

Randall Felts Cheesemonger Pic-BrightenedRandall Felts has had a lifelong passion for knowledge, travel and food. Growing up in West Virginia and Alabama, he enjoyed reading about the connection between cultures and food. While pursuing a degree in Political Science, Randall worked in restaurants to support his education, and more importantly, desire to travel. In his work and studies, he found how firmly food connected people, inspiring him to pursue a culinary career.

On vacation in Northern California, Randall found his true calling. Picnicking on Cowgirl Creamery’s Red Hawk at Muir Beach, he knew his mission would be to show others the beauty of American cheeses.

Fortunately, Randall found a great partner for this endeavor in Whole Foods Market, where he took a job as a cheese buyer.  In this role, he educated himself, his customers, and his team members with his passion for cheese.  Hosting cheese tastings, classes, and working a cheese counter every day enabled him to support the great cheesemakers he began to meet, and grow the cheese community throughout the South.

In his preparation for the ACS Certified Cheese Professional™ Exam, Randall enjoyed a week-long training at the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research, experiencing the highest level of training. After passing the exam, Randall rose to Specialty Team Leader, where he is able to pair his love of cheese with wine, beer, coffee, and chocolates.