Pat Ford

Bio: Pat Ford, co-founder of Beehive Cheese Co, started his adventure in cheesemaking back in 2005.  With the help from their friends at Utah State University, they developed their recipe, built their facility and started making cheese after a week of instruction, how hard can it be after all?  Beehive Cheese has made a name for itself with a Rubbed Rind technique, one of their most notable cheeses is Barely Buzzed, an Espresso and Lavender rubbed cheese, a 3-time ACS blue ribbon winner.

Statement of Intent: The American Cheese Society has been an invaluable association, giving Beehive Cheese the opportunity to meet and forge relationships with the other ACS members, allowing us to learn and grow.  My desire, if elected, would be to help ACS to continue to be the leader, the resource, the educator and the mentor to the wonderful art of crafting cheese. I would be willing to serve in whatever area needed, with a focus in Marketing or Education.