Lucille Giroux


Bio: Lucille has been a sheep breeder since 1978. She was the first to milk sheep in Québec, and of a few in Canada in 1992. Lucille has been a cheesemaker since 1993, creating 8 ewe’s milk cheeses and yogurt. Many of the cheeses have been rewarded by ACS and the Québec Caseus contest since 2003. She is a foundation member of the Société des fromages du Québec since 2002 and has served as president of the Société since 2007. Lucille also initiated the project to create an Expertise center for cheesemaking in St-Hyacinthe, Québec. She has been involved on the cheesemaker committee for the ACS Conference & Competition in Montréal.

Statement of Intent: I would be interested in participating in a cheesemaking comittee, doing work regarding rules, innovation, technical production and contact with cheesemakers. I am interested in creating links between workers of the industry, like cheesemakers and shop owners,  and also between associations all over North America.