Leah McFadden

2013 Official Conference Cheesemonger

Leah grew up in a warm and food lLeah McFaddenoving family. She started working at Whole Foods Market in 2008 and was first bitten by the cheese bug when she held the Demo Specialist position in 2010 and was sampling out French cheeses to customers. Once she took a bite of Boucherondin, she was hooked. Very shortly after that Leah became the cheese buyer in the Specialty department where she learned as much as she could about cheese and how to take care of it. Now she is running her own Specialty team at the Whole Foods Market in San Jose, CA.

Last year, Leah was part of the first class of Certified Cheese Professionals and after being certified, she has been doing everything she can to further her career in cheese. She currently writes a cheese blog called Shootin’ the Bries and is helping spread the word about artisan cheese.