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Affinage: Techniques, Microbes and Facilities

    Event Start: Oct 18, 2012 - 04:20 AM

    Event End: Oct 20, 2012 - 05:20 AM

    Westminster West, VT 05346

    Explore the craft of cheesemaking and ripening in this three-day workshop.  We’ll spend the first day making a Tomme cheese while viewing each step from the perspective of the affineur, and the second following the steps for ripening this and other cheeses.  The third day will include a trip to a local cheesemaking farm for a tour of the facilities and discussion of affinage in practice.  Topics include:

    • selection and use of ripening cultures
    • bio-reactions between microbes, enzymes, and cheese components
    • affinage techniques for various cheeses, including Bloomy rind, Washed rind, Blue, Alpine, Grana, Caciocavallo/Provolone, and Tomme
    • cheese grading and quality control
    • and how to design, construct. and maintain facilities such as cellars, caves, and brining/drying rooms

    Participants are invited to bring cheeses for tasting and evaluation.

    Learn more: http://www.dairyfoodsconsulting.com/training_affinage.shtml

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