Official Cheesemongers

    Official Conference Cheesemongers

    Each year, the ACS Annual Conference relies on the hard work and dedication of countless volunteers. Among these volunteer roles is that of the Official Conference Cheesemongers, the individuals who oversee and manage the receipt, movement, storage, and preparation of thousands of cheeses and other donated products that play a starring role in ACS conference events. Due to the importance and scope of this volunteer role, ACS selects a team of Official Conference Cheesemongers to assist with the conference each year. The position is for experienced cheesemongers who…

    • want to apply their skills to the broadest array of American cheeses they’ll ever encounter
    • can successfully juggle many tasks while managing a team of dedicated volunteers
    • think on their feet and can find creative solutions to unexpected challenges
    • can dedicate 7- 10 days to fulfill this role during the conference
    • have the support of their employer to undertake this role
    • enjoy being part of the behind-the-scenes action at the ACS Conference
    • wish to be recognized as a top professional in their field

    ACS offers…

    • Roundtrip airfare to the conference city
    • 7 nights hotel stay at the conference hotel
    • Personalized ACS logo chef’s jacket
    • Free registration for our 2017 conference (you’ll be too busy in Des Moines to catch the sessions!)
    • Your personal profile with your company logo on our web site and in the conference guide

    Job Description:

    The ACS Official Conference Cheesemongers are the lead volunteers in charge of conference cheeses and other donated products, including but not limited to: receiving and inventorying product shipments, prepping cheese and accompanying products (preserves, honey, charcuterie, crackers, etc) for meals and breaks, creating cheese displays for special events, plating cheese for tasting sessions, and assisting sponsors with preparing and displaying their products for sponsored events. The Official Conference Cheesemongers will track the movement of cheese and donated products to and from various venues, ensuring proper preparation and handling by volunteers, and overseeing a team of volunteers to deliver cheeses to the appropriate events at the appropriate times. The Official Conference Cheesemongers are also responsible for overseeing the ACS Conference Brunch of Champions and Annual Cheese Sale.

    The Official Conference Cheesemongers must possess a strong ability to organize, arrange, and schedule the tempering and delivery of multiple donated products (including cheese, fluid milk, crackers, charcuterie, chocolate, beverages, etc.) for multiple events throughout the conference. Catering experience is particularly helpful in this role.

    Some time is required within this role prior to the conference. The pre-conference work will include attending several planning conference calls with ACS staff, setting up prep and delivery schedules, kitchen schedules, volunteer runner schedules, staging schedules for sessions/tastings/events, etc.

    The Official ACS Conference Cheesemongers work closely with ACS staff and key volunteers on-site.


    Anticipated time required for this role is as follows:

    • March to July (before the Conference): 4-6 hours per month
    • During the conference, the selected cheesemongers should anticipate working extended hours. Typical hours range from 8 to 12+ hours per day.


    Applications for the Official Conference Cheesemonger position are now open to ACS members. To apply, please fill out the 2016 Official ACS Conference Cheesemonger Application and submit it to the ACS office no later than January 8, 2016!

    Please submit your application to:

    American Cheese Society
    Attn: Rebecca Orozco
    2696 S. Colorado Boulevard
    Suite 570
    Denver, CO 80222
    fax: 720-328-2786

    Please note: ACS will select three Official Conference Cheesemongers.

    Past ACS Official Conference Cheesemongers: