Official Cheesemongers

Official Conference Cheesemongers

Each year, the ACS Annual Conference relies on the hard work and dedication of countless volunteers. Among these volunteer roles is that of the Official Conference Cheesemongers, the individuals who oversee and manage the receipt, movement, storage, and preparation of thousands of cheeses and other donated products that play a starring role in ACS conference events. Due to the importance and scope of this volunteer role, ACS selects a team of Official Conference Cheesemongers to assist with the conference each year.

Congratulations to our 2016 Official Conference Cheesemongers!

Applications for the Official Conference Cheesemonger position in Denver, CO in 2017 are now open. To apply, please fill out the ACS Official Conference Cheesemonger Application and submit it to the ACS office. Applications will be accepted through January 11, 2017.

Past ACS Official Conference Cheesemongers: