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Graphics for ACS Judging & Competition Winners

Winners of the 2013 ACS Judging & Competition may include the 2013 ACS winner graphic on packaging and marketing materials for their 2013 winning product(s). This graphic was emailed to the winning companies by ACS; if you are a 2013 winner and did not receive the graphic, please contact 720-328-2788 or email [email protected].

If you are a past winner and would like access to a high-resolution winner graphic for your product packaging, please contact 720-328-2788 or [email protected].

Winners of the ACS Judging & Competition may also purchase ACS Winner Stickers for their products, or to share with retailers and distributors that carry winning products.

Those companies interested in using a 2013 ACS winner graphic in digital materials may also download a low-resolution logo below. Please follow all of the logo usage guidelines below.

ACS Winner Graphic Usage Guidelines

  • The 2013 ACS winner graphic may only be incorporated into the packaging and marketing materials for products that received an award in the 2013 ACS Judging & Competition. This graphic may not be used on packaging or marketing materials for non-winning products. Please use the 2013 winners list to verify which of your product(s) received awards this year.
  • The winner graphic may be sized up or down, but the artwork may not be modified in any other way. The logo is black and gold; please use metallic PMS 872 for the gold.
  • The winner graphic may be used in your organization’s general marketing materials, so long as these materials specifically reference your 2013 winning product(s).
  • There is no time restriction for the use of the 2013 winner graphic. It can be incorporated it into your winning product packaging and promotional materials for as long as you would like.

For additional questions about ACS graphics or logos, please contact Rebecca Sherman at 720.328.2788 x301.