The Mountain that Rocked Nantwich

Rivers Edge Chèvre’s Humbug Mountain

By Karen Silverston  Photographs by Christine Hyatt

As any cheese connoisseur knows, a true, sma ll prod uction, handmade cheese is hard to find. But just such a cheese won the Best USA Cheese gold medal and trophy at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, U.K. — the triumphant Humbug Mountain, a truncated pyramid that Rivers Edge Chèvre has been making since 2005, in Logsden, Oregon.

Humbug Mountain is rarely entered  in competitions, but fortunately made it to Nantwich, the world’s largest cheese competition, with a record 4,286 entries from 27 countries, and 190 judges. It’s been held in Cheshire since 1897 as part of the Nantwich Agricultural Society annual festival .

Making Humbug Mountain’s success even sweeter, it was the first time Rivers Edge Chèvre, the smallest company among the American entrants, competed at Nantwich.

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