Get Ready for the ACS Certified Cheese Professional® Exam!

Many cheese professionals wonder about the ACS CCP® Exam, and the process involved in prepping for and taking the exam. The best way to get started and learn about the exam is to talk with those who have passed it; 740 people have earned their ACS CCP® credential! ACS CCPs® can provide unique insights about their experience in preparing for and taking the exam.

A detailed handbook on the ACS website provides information about exam eligibility requirements, how to apply, how to prepare, and what is covered in the exam. The handbook is a go-to resource to learn more about the exam.

If, after talking with current ACS CCPs® and reading the exam handbook, you decide the time is right to become an ACS CCP®, there are many resources available on the ACS website to assist you:

  • The ACS Body of Knowledge is a compendium of the knowledge areas that professionals in the cheese industry must draw upon in their everyday work, from cheese production to the moment cheese reaches the consumer. A living document, the Body of Knowledge is never complete. ACS will regularly review, update, and develop it.  While the exam is firmly grounded in the tasks that cheese professionals perform in their daily work, it also cross-references the knowledge required to perform those tasks.
  • In addition to the Body of Knowledge, exam takers have access to the Body of Knowledge resources guide that provides a list of resources for each of the Body of Knowledge domains.
  • The ACS CCP® Authorized Educator Program (AEP) authorizes organizations offering education that aligns with any or all of the ACS Body of Knowledge domains that are integral to the ACS CCP® Exam. In addition to the AEPs, a broader list of cheese educators is also available on the ACS website.
  • Each year, ACS conducts an Exam Prep and Exam Day webinar that covers preparation for the exam, including several example questions, and what to expect on exam day. The webinar is held in May and exam takers will receive invitations to participate in the 2017 webinar. If you can’t wait until May, you can also watch the 2016 webinar.

Are you ready to take the exam? If so, applications are being accepted through midnight Mountain Daylight Time on March 31, 2017!

Please do not hesitate to contact Jane Bauer at [email protected] or 720.328.2788 should you have any questions about the exam. Best of luck!