Cheese Haikus

American Cheese Month Haikus

In celebration of American Cheese Month, ACS asked our fans and followers to submit their best original cheese haiku — a poem composed of three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 syllables — proclaiming a love for cheese. The ACS staff chose our favorite haikus from among the entries…but there were so many wonderful entries to choose from that we were compelled to share all of them here, for your enjoyment.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

Winning Haikus:

Cows, weep not for me!
Though thy milk now sings my Bleus,
Mold, thou art my friend.
-Gina Cook

Chesterton nailed it
Though poetry elides Cheese
dairy makes magic.
-Dan Hogan


All Submissions:

Cave grown, smooth, complex.
Sweet dream of milk realized,
dances on my tongue.
-Jonathan Pacic

Surrounded in mold
Inside lies hidden surprise
It tingles my tongue
-Chris Ray

I love cheese.

What more can I say?
Cheesy eh?
-Barbara Kiebel

Best pals, curds ‘n brew.

Spread or crumble, slice or shmear?
S’all great, feast with beer!
-Caren Iacovelli Teves

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

I always have my winner
Yes please, give me cheese!
-David Powers

When I first buy cheese

I want it to last for years
Too late, its all gone.
-Alicia Rose Reese

Limburger, rye bread
raw onion, if you prefer
That’s a Swiss Apple
-Baumgartner Cheese Store & Tavern

Cow! Goat! Sheep! Oh my!

Imported cheeses – but why?
Try local and buy
-Jackie Rebideau

Chesterton nailed it.

Though poetry elides Cheese

dairy makes magic.
-Dan Hogan

Not bacon. Not fries.

Cheese, you are my favorite
Fat. God save the cheese!
-Megan Ringenbach

Feta may be good

Weizenbock may be better
Together is best.
-Melissa Vess

‘Tis the constant din.

ACS hears, too oft, sigh,
“who cut the cheese?” jokes.
-Hanna Laney

Colorado cheese

paired with Great Divide Fresh Hop
chilly night, fireplace.
-Sharon Hakovics

I really like cheese

Whether it is hot or cold
Give me some cheese please.
-Bryan Roe

Cave grown, smooth, complex.
Sweet dream of milk realized,
dances on my tongue.
-Jonathan Pacic

Only one food? Cheese.
Plays well with other food and drink.
Now or later, cheese.

Hot, cold, creamy, firm
Nutritious yet sinful snack
Heaven: wine and cheese
-Nora Kovacs

Savory or Sweet
I think all cheeses are neat
And none can be beat
-Greg Philips

Mozzarella, yeah!
Provolone and mascarpone
-Stephanie Moss

I love all cheese it’s true.
I love the taste of beer.
A match made in heaven.
-Lisa Hochstetler

What’s that smelly cheese?
Stinky yellow Limburger.
Give me beer instead.
-Mary Martinez

Give to me Sweet Cheese
Precious Nectar From Cow Gods
Beer and Cheese my Muse
-Andrew Salottolo

American cheese
Mile-high or at sea level
See, touch, smell, taste YUM
-Karen Gulkin