ACS CCP™ Authorized Education Center: Academie Opus Caseus





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To learn more, contact Sue Sturman | 617.505.6235


The Academie Opus Caseus is the cheese industry’s unique hands-on center for professional development, offering both practical and classroom training, specifically adapted for Anglophone cheese professionals.

Academie Opus Caseus exists at the heart of the MonS Fromagerie operational headquarters, where cheese undergoes affinage, and orders are received, packed and shipped. Surrounding the headquarters are the famed Tunnel de la Collonge and the original affinage center. Several MonS retail shops are nearby.  The MonS cheese business, now present in over 20 countries worldwide, has over 50 years of experience caring for cheese and imparting expertise.

Essential Foundations for Cheese Professionals is the only program currently available that integrates practical, hands-on experience in all major domains of the business with detailed classroom instruction.

Intimate class sizes (6 maximum) encourage wide-ranging discussions among colleagues, enhancing the educational experience and supporting professional networking.

The curriculum has been in a process of continual evolution since 2005, and has been taught to more than 300 French cheese professionals.  The curriculum has been aligned with the ACS CCP(c) program, and while no two-week course can provide 100% of the preparation required for the exam, it covers all the major domains that are adressed in the CCP exam; the curriculum has been reviewed and the Academie has been granted Authorized Educational Center status by the ACS.

During the program, students practice alongside Mons professionals in the production room, affinage spaces, case setting, and spend a day making cheese with an organic, farmstead goat cheese producer.  Daily sensory analysis practise hones this vital skill, and students have ample exposure to authentic raw milk French cheeses at their peak condition.

Students are lodged together in an 18th century manor house, and all ground transportation during the course is included.  Tuition includes lunches, lodging, course materials and work uniforms.

Essential Foundations is being offered twice prior to this year’s exam: April 13-24 and July 6-17.  Applications may be made online. Creative financing suggestions are available on the Academie’s website as well.